Tappy Donut

Tappy Donut

Platform: PC
Available to download from and IndieGala

Originally on Google Play, the game is now a PC exclusive. 

Game description from IndieGala: "Are you a fan of casual games that are so addicting they’re hard to put down? Then get rid of your boredom with Tappy Donut.

Tappy Donut is a fun and addictive casual game where you tap to move the donut higher and stop tapping to let the donut fall with gravity. Does it sound easy? In this fun object tapping game, while you advance with the donuts, you pass through a series of endless obstacles on top and bottom while moving the donut. On your way forward, you will come across coffee cups that you have to collect to build a score. If you hit any obstacles on top or bottom, you lose the game. There is no second chance.

Get ready to guide the tappy donut in this Tap Tap Game through and endless series of obstacles. The obstacle patterns on top and bottom keep changing, no two obstacles are the same. The game has amazing game graphics and cool sound effects to keep you engaged and entertained during the game. You are sure to love playing this amazing casual tap tap game with the Tappy Donut. The Tappy Donut Game is suited for players of all age groups, it is very suitable for children and it helps improve their concentration and reaction levels. It’s a unique game to pass time during your free time and have fun.

As you build a high score, you must target to beat your last score or challenge your friends to beat your score. It’s a lot of fun with this casual tapping game.

Why Play?

*Cute Comic Style Beautiful Game Graphics
*No violence - Family friendly and appropriate for everyone including kids
*Endless series of unique obstacles, no two levels are the same
*Best suited for both new and experienced players
*Build a high score and challenge yourself or your friends to beat it

Are you excited to try it out to have fun? The Tappy Donut - Donut Tapping Game is free to play. So, what are you waiting for? Download Tappy Donut now to get started! You will love it. "

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