Review: Zero Reaction by Ghost Creative Studio

Attention Android gamers: If you're looking for a fun arcade game with a great aesthetic, look no further than Zero Reaction by Argentina-based Ghost Creative Studio. 

I came across this mobile game on Reddit and fell immediately in love with its Tron-like visuals and fantastic soundtrack (including the brilliant "Jump the Bicycle" by Leandro Nicolás Gómez ). It's gorgeous to look at and plays extremely well. 

The aim of the game is simple: move your character left and right while avoiding obstacles and collecting points. It sounds simple but it will keep you on your toes as the path keeps twisting left and right. 

This is a perfect game for when you want something to play in quick bursts and don't want anything too easy. Zero Reaction has just the right level of difficulty and is accessible enough for new players to find something to like. It is, of course, incredibly addictive and you will want to play again and again to try and beat your high score. 

You can download Zero Reaction from Google Play here:

Catch up with the developers on their website, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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