YouTubers I ❤: Dave 2D/Dave Lee

YouTubers I ❤: Dave 2D/Dave Lee

Video source: Dave 2D/Dave Lee

Dave Lee is one of my favorite YouTubers because...

Beginnings are hard, I know. If this was a school essay, I might have already played several video games, eaten way too much pizza and gone through several drafts. But it's not and I'm unsure how to start this post because it can be hard to write about someone you admire and enjoy watching so much.

I first started watching Dave's channel a few years ago when I was sharing a flat with a couple of other young professionals. I wasn't a fan of going into the living room, so I spent a lot of time gaming on my MacBook Pro or watching YouTube videos. Dave was one of those people I watched when I got home from the office and would always wait with anticipation for his next video.

I love his videos for a few reasons. Firstly, I like his style of presentation. He is very chilled out and presents things calmly. He isn't hyperactive nor melodramatic but feels incredibly level-headed. 

Then there's his voice. Like Anthony from LinusTechTips, his voice is incredibly soothing and almost feels a little like Bob Ross. I could hear him all day and hope he narrates audio books. That would be amazing.

I appreciate his honesty and candor in his videos. Dave isn't afraid to tell it like it is and I admire him for that. He is very good at telling viewers the good and the bad about a particular product and I respect him for it.

Finally, I like Dave's wisdom. I love it when he tells the audience to just do it and make something (as with the video above) and he feels like a very natural storyteller. 

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