Has the Xbox Series S been unofficially confirmed?

Image from Zak S on Twitter

One next gen console rumour that doesn't want to go away is the existence of the Xbox Series S (or Project Lockhart). A less powerful Xbox Series X in a small form factor that can only play downloaded games (according to the rumour mill) could be unveiled by Microsoft any day now. It will be a lot cheaper than the Series X and could help Microsoft win the console war next generation. Time to excited...or not.

Has an Xbox Series S controller been spotted in the wild?

Take a look at this tweet from Zak S on Twitter, someone who paid $35 from a OfferUp seller for the controller:


The second picture on the top right lists the controller as being for the 'Series X/S, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Android'. This is getting everyone wild as it seemingly confirms the new console. 

Android would indicate it will work for Game Pass Ultimate when xCloud is integrated next month and the updated app hits Google Play and presumably Samsung's app store in due course. 

Is This Real? What Is Going On?

Zak S posted a video of it, confirming it is real. Given Microsoft's reticence in even announcing the console, I wonder if a) someone is trolling Twitter b) this is an elaborate hoax.

It wouldn't be too hard for someone to 3D print a controller and make it look like something from a new console. Print some official looking paperwork and leak the thing on Twitter. 

Someone asked Zak how the seller got it and he replied: "I only asked how they got it and they said "I got it from a homie""

This is one possible line of speculation.

I was thinking it could have come from a journalist, someone in the gaming press with close ties to the Xbox division. Someone from within Xbox could have deliberately leaked it to help drive up speculation and get people talking. Who knows?

Then there's the idea that it could have come from the manufacturer or a dev kit. Again, nobody knows. 


The only way we'll know what is going on is if Microsoft responds to the existence to the controller. if they say it's a fake, we'll know for sure. They could for a 'no comment', which might point to it being an actual controller. I'm sure we will have the answers soon.

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