What next for Epic Games?


If you've been following the tech or gaming press lately, one of the biggest stories has been the ongoing battle between Apple, Google and Epic Games over Fortnite and the refusal to accept the app stores' terms. 

The problem with Apple, though, is that it could stop Epic from using Apple's development tools, potentially stopping support for Unreal Engine in iOS and MacOS.  

Epic is claiming this is set to happen on the 28th and it could affect a lot of games on the Apple App Store, not to mention Mac games. It is going to court to try and stop this:

This is the tweet:

I think Epic needs to do an about turn and accept Apple's app store conditions. There cannot be one rule for one company and another rule for somebody else. 

Give Apple's closed ecosystem, there isn't much anyone can do. Epic can't skirt around the rules to try and offer a new payment method for Fortnite without breaking the rules. They are there for every developer, like it or hate it.

Android is slightly better but, again, I think it may be better to get on Google's side. 

I'm not sure how the situation will be resolved in the end but I expect it will be with an apology, an out of court settlement and Epic's bloody nose. 

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