Review: Tunnel Rush Mania by WarmApp Games

It's a great feeling whenever I come across something new and exciting in gaming. It doesn't matter if I'm playing on PC, console or mobile, I love discovering a game that has the potential to be the next best thing. I think I've found it with Tunnel Rush Mania from Serbia-based WarmApp Games, a mobile game out now on Google Play and in development for iOS. 

Tunnel Rush Mania has a simple but extremely well executed concept: run through a tunnel while avoiding obstacles. Touch the screen left or right to find the right way through them and get to the next level. The first person viewpoint adds to the feeling of immersion, helping to create an amazing atmosphere in the game. It's extremely fast paced and will give you a great adrenaline rush. There are over 50 levels in the game to navigate, with lots more to come. Three levels of speed are available, enabling players of all ability to jump in. It doesn't matter if you are experienced or not, you will find something to love here. 

The visuals in Tunnel Rush Mania are fantastic and I love the futuristic look of the tunnels you're running through. What's especially great is the sense of surprise - you never know where a level will take you. The game is set in space so you might come across a glimpse of a nebula or star cluster. Accompanying them is an addictive soundtrack that suits the game to a T. Great stuff

If you love fast paced arcade games and want to try something that will challenge and entertain you, download Tunnel Rush Mania on Google Play today:

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