New Samsung smartphones: too little, too late?

Video source: MKBHD

Samsung unveiled a whole bunch of new devices today, including the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra 5G and Galaxy Z Fold 2. Is this too little, too late for Samsung?

With the announcements by Google and OnePlus still on everyone's lips, you wouldn't be the first person to not know Samsung was announcing new devices today. I don't think they could have picked a worse time to do so. 

The problem is Samsung needs a bit of a fanfare right now. Times are tough for the smartphone market because of the pandemic and any economic recovery may be slower than expected. Research from IDC says: "The worldwide smartphone market is forecast to decline 11.9% year over year in 2020 with shipments totaling 1.2 billion units."

You have to question the logic about launching a new phone that starts from £849 (Note 20) and £1179 (its 5G version). While the specs will have been updated and they will have a better S pen stylus, is that enough to turn things around? 

Likewise with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Folding smartphones are in their infancy and might not enjoy primetime just yet. The improved successor is a step in the right direction but at what cost? 

Apple is set to release the new iPhone 12 in October and I expect a lot of flagship lovers will be holding out for that. 

Samsung needs to impress. While the new phones are a step in the right direction, I can't help help but wonder if this is too little, too late for Samsung. 

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