Review: Tie Dye by Crazy Labs/TabTale

Tie Dye by Crazy Labs/TabTale is currently the number one free game on Google Play at the time of  writing. Someone, somewhere, thought: "Hey, remember when we used to dye t-shirts as a kid? Wouldn't that be fun to do on your phone?" and promptly saw $$$ flashing. 

The core idea is simple enough: you run a beach stall and sell homemade tie dyed clothes and other accessories for customers. You can choose from a range of colours and mix things together. 
One important thing to note is to pay attention to every customer's needs as some may require a specific colour, for example. You get rated after each clothing is made and this determines how much money you make, which can go to upgrading your stall. 

You can get incredibly creative with the products you make and there are a lot of designs to do. The game is easy enough to pick up, too, with a good tutorial. You bunch the t-shirt up, tie it together, select a colour and go nuts, drop it in a wash and take it out to reveal the finished design. Rinse, repeat.

The cartoonish graphics work well and the game has a nice summery vibe. Music and sound are okay, too. 

The major problem I have with this game are the intrusive ads. They start okay but slowly creep up to the point where you're in the middle of making something and are hit with an ad. There are so many to wade through. It has a major impact on the level of enjoyment you're going to have with Tie Dye

Is this worth playing? This game is fine for kids. Adults interested in reminiscing of their youth may also find something here. Beware of the ads, though. 

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