Should you preorder the PlayStation 5?

One of the questions on a lot of people's lips is "when can I order a PlayStation 5?". No release date or price has been given by Sony yet and I'm not sure today's State of Play event will reveal it. Sony could be waiting for Microsoft to let their date and price slip and respond in kind. Who knows?

Even so, is it worth getting a preorder for the PlayStation 5? I'll be answering that question in this blog post. 

Why you should preorder the PlayStation 5

  • Exclusive PlayStation 5 games.
  • Little to none loading times thanks to the PCIe 4.0 SSD.
  • Next generation of power and graphics. 
  • 4K Blu-Ray playback.
  • Next generation PlayStation VR. 
  • Backwards compatible with PS4 games.

Exclusive PlayStation 5 Games

  • The biggest reason to preorder a PlayStation 5 are the exclusive games not found anywhere else. A new Horizon Zero Dawn, Gran Turismo, Ratchet & Clank, God of War, Spider-Man are all set to appear alongside new IPs. 
  • Unlike the Xbox Series X, you will only be able to play them on the PlayStation 5, not the PC or through a cloud streaming service like xCloud. 
  • You will, of course, be able to enjoy third party games and some exclusive third party DLC and content (such as Spider-Man in Marvel's Avengers). 
  • Timed third party exclusives such as Ghostwire Tokyo

Loading Times Could Be A Thing Of The Past

  • One of the most impressive games at Sony's event earlier this summer was a next generation Ratchet & Clank. 
  • Aside from the beautiful animation and stunning graphics, there were no loading times. 
  • The included PCIe 4.0 SSD is blisteringly fast (Eurogamer has a great breakdown of the technical specs)
  • It offers 825GB of space and can be swapped out for a bigger drive (one that is compatible, of course, as not every drive will work).

Next Generation Power

Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • The PlayStation 5 will offer a significant next leap of power over the PlayStation 4 thanks to 8 Zen 2 cores running at 3.5GHz.
  • The included GPU has 10.28 terraflops of power, compared to the PlayStation 4's 1.84 terraflops. 
  • Put simply, the CPU and GPU are capable of impressive things (such as real-time ray tracing, for example, or the next generation of VR). 
  • One great example is Spider-Man: Miles Morales with a higher density of crowds, impressive lighting and other effects. 

4K Blu-Ray Playback

  • The PlayStation 5 will be at home in any home theater thanks to 4K Blu-Ray Playback. 
  • This will be the perfect compliment to your 4K TV.

Next Generation PlayStation VR

  • Not much has been said about VR but you will be able to use the existing PlayStation VR headset with the PlayStation 5
  • Do not be surprised if there is a VR focused State of Play event later this year or early next year.
  • We could see Half Life: Alyx on the PlayStation 5 and that would be a very good reason to preorder a PlayStation 5. 

Backwards Compatibility With PlayStation 4

  • The PlayStation 4 has given us some amazing games this generation, with God of War, Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us Part 2 and many other PlayStation games helping to make the system a winner. 
  • The good news is you will be able to play PlayStation 4 games on the PlayStation 5, so keep your library. PlayStation 4 games will be able to be downloaded and played as well (ideal for the discless version)

Why You Should Not Preorder The PlayStation 5

  • Limited availability.
  • Price.
  • Games which take full advantage of the power and features of the console won't be around until 2021.

Limited Availability

  • There will be probably be only a certain amount of consoles available per region at launch, with it limited to one per household. 
  • Do not be surprised to see over-inflated prices on consoles listed on eBay. 
  • It may be better to wait until there is more stock available.

Pricing Not Yet Known

  • The PlayStation 5 price hasn't been revealed yet so we don't know how expensive this is going to be. 
  • It could be a consumer friendly $399 or go up to $599. Who knows. 
  • It may be better to buy it after launch. 

Games Which Take Full Advantage Of The PlayStation 5 Won't Appear Until 2021

  • This is probably the biggest reason not to preorder a PlayStation 5.
  • Games such as Horizon Forbidden West (the sequel to HZD) won't appear until 2021 at the earliest. The same with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or the rumoured new God of War in development. 
  • Games which are designed to take advantage of the impressive tech are still in development and won't be ready just yet. The same can also be said of any games which will use Unreal Engine 5, Epic's next generation game engine. 
  • It may be better to take a wait and see attitude.

Should you preorder the PlayStation 5?: Concluding Thoughts

The PlayStation 5 will offer a huge amount of impressive tech but it may be better to hold off on a preorder for the PlayStation 5 until there are games that fully take advantage of the system's power.

Personally, I would wait until next year to think about it as there should be a better library of games available to help make the decision a little easier to make.

What do you think? 

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