Review: Samurai Flash by Supersonic Studios LTD

Review: Samurai Flash by Supersonic Studios LTD


What do you get if you cross a hyper-casual game with an action adventure? The answer might well be something like Samurai Flash.

The fourth bestselling free game on Google Play, you play a titular samurai, who must mow down your enemies with a pair of samurai swords and other weapons, taking down bosses and saving hostages along the way. 

Controlling your character is very easy: drag your finger along the screen in a motion of 8, always aiming towards any enemy or obstacle in your way. Don't fall off as you can die. The game uses a Superhot-like mechanic, where it only moves forward when you do. It works well for this game, though.

Every level completed gives you cash which can be used to unlock skins and new weapons. You can also watch optional video ads to get more cash should you so wish. 

The game is fairly easy and there are no major challenges along the way. You will encounter goons throwing chairs and other things at you, as well encountering a boss every so often. These aren't very hard and can be defeated fairly quickly. You can use the environment to defeat enemies and exploding barrels, knocking down guard towers etc are pretty fun in Samurai Flash

Graphics are simple but fun with some nice animation. They are designed well for this type of game and I don't have any major complaints. 

Two negative points about the game: the grass you encounter can slow you down a lot. I'm not sure whether this is a glitch but it's really annoying.

Then there are the ads. They can be quite intrusive, and there are a lot here, so be warned.

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