Review: Super Psy Penguin by Shokizm Interactive

(Full disclaimer: the dev gave me a review key)

If prizes were given out for originality, Super Psy Penguin should receive a few. This is a fun shoot 'em up which is a great love letter to the arcade games we played growing up. 

You play as a Cyber Penguin tasked with destroying the evil Hentai demons intent on conquering humanity. Equipped with your weapons and bombs (15 to choose from, in addition to 4 megabombs), you have to take them on across six large levels (with two bonus levels). It will be no easy challenge as some of the enemies you take on can be fiendishly difficult (including 8 bosses) and you may be outgunned by the sheer number you will have to face (including 32 different enemies). Thankfully, there are a range of power-ups to help and this should make life a little easier. 

There are two difficulty levels (easy and hard), with the hard mode adding extra enemies in the levels and bosses on the bonus levels. Players who love a challenge should find this mode irresistible. You can also unlock Boss Rush and Infinity Run modes, too.

The visuals look great and I love the cyberpunk look of the game. Every sprite has been carefully crafted to give a Super Psy Penguin a unique feel, matching the expansive backgrounds seen in the levels.

Accompanying this is the excellent music, which is some of the best I've heard in a game recently. There are five unique soundtracks to choose from, including genres such as Heavy Metal, Classical, Synthwave, Drum and Bass and 8-bit. I am quite fond of the Heavy Metal and Synthwave tracks, in particular, and love their energy and tempo. 

There is a lot to love with Super Psy Penguin. The original premise, over the top action and amazing music all help create a package that shoot 'em up fans will enjoy.

You can buy Super Psy Penguin for £3.99 on Steam. Follow Shokizm Interactive on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

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