Review: Shape Swap by RoboNacho Systems

(Gameplay footage from Airwave Apps YouTube channel)

Sometimes, when a simple idea is executed beautifully, it works wonders. Everything fits into place and the whole thing works as intended. I especially love when this happens in games. It gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction playing something designed well, with little to none scope to give me grief and through my phone at the wall or my controller at the TV. 

When it comes to mobile games, I think this idea is especially important. A lot of the time, we might not be able to play them for extended periods of time so everything just needs to work. It's very easy for a mechanic to get a player frustrated and the game is deleted just like that. Or there are too many ads and someone leaves a bad review. The game is deleted. It can be tough getting things right. 

Shape Swap is one such game that gets it. It looks great and plays well. The objective is extremely simple and to the point: tap to transform into the shape which matches the gate. It sounds easy, and it starts that way, but the game moves quickly so you have to think on your feet. 

Like Zero Reaction, this is a game which is ideal for short bursts. It can get addictive, and once you get a good rhythm going, you will want to beat your score. 

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