Review: Minecraft Dungeons (PC)

Review: Minecraft Dungeons (PC)


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Minecraft Dungeons is great. End of review. 

Joking aside, this is a polished action RPG that you can play solo or with a friend (either online or co-op with 4 mates). The game has been expanded since launch with a new DLC, Jungle Awakens, with another pack, Creeping Winter, set to arrive next month. The extra content adds new enemies, locations and more. 


The story in Minecraft Dungeons is okay. Don't expect a highly detailed plot rich with characterization or subplots here. Basically, an illager called Archie stumbles on a powerful MacGuffin called the Orb of Dominance, giving him limitless power and all that jazz. He becomes the Arch-Illager and it's up to you to stop him before he conquers the world. You know how this goes by now. Put simply, you'll be traversing across different areas, killing enemies, getting loot and being awesome in the process.


Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, the game looks gorgeous. There is beautiful lighting, vegetation looks lush and everything looks purty. Minecraft Dungeons looks pretty good. The variety in the game is nice and you'll go everywhere from forests to mines to a vast castle. Everything looks wonderfully detailed, too. 


Every played any action RPG? You know the drill by now. Gather loot, find the best gear and kill every bad guy in sight. There are lots of chests of new gear to find and, after a while, a trader and blacksmith will come to your camp to trade. You acquire emeralds throughout the game and can use them to get new gear. 

The weapons are pretty effective (you can equip both a melee weapon like a sword or daggers and a ranged weapon like a bow or crossbow) and can be enchanted to add magical effects to make them even more powerful,which is extremely useful in this game. While the game is fairly straightforward on the default difficulty, there are the odd spikes here and there that warrant having the best equipment possible. Some of the bosses can be tough and you're only given three lives per level. Once they're gone, you will have to play the level again. 

The only thing that can't be upgraded is your initial look - you can choose from a range for your player, but these are cosmetic only and it would be great to see a Minecraft level of customization in future updates. 

Concluding Thoughts

Minecraft Dungeons is a pretty great action RPG that knows what it wants to be. There is a lot of fun to be had exploring the levels and saving the world. 

You can get it from the official site here or from the Windows store


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