Review: Cube Surfer! by Voodoo

Review: Cube Surfer! by Voodoo


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Ah, hyper-casual games. Love or hate them, this business model is here to stay. The idea of short, simple games has evolved neatly from the days of flash based games to the latest releases from Voodoo and other mobile game publishers.

Cube Surfer! is the latest hyper-casual game vying for attention. Currently the fifth bestselling game on Google Play, the game's concept is simple yet promising: ride on a stack of cubes and pick up cubes of the same colour throughout the level while going over obstacles until you reach the end. Get as many as you can to get the best score multiplier and be rewarded with as many gems as possible. The purple gems can be used to get different colored cubes and characters, should you so wish. There are also opportunities to get more with a balloon scratchcard game, too. 

It's very easy to control your character (move your forward along the path and that's about it). The game is pretty straightforward and gets harder as you progress, when you have to navigate hazards such as lava. This isn't a very hard game and shouldn't frustrate you.

The graphics in Cube Surfer! have a pleasant simplicity to them, as does the sound. 

What may annoy you are the ads. As with many hyper-casual games, there are a lot of ads in Cube Surfer!. They start off okay and aren't too bad but get increasingly intrusive and you may get annoyed. You can, of course, take them off for £3.09. 

iOS users can get it here:

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