Review: Post Void By Y/CJ/Y Games


What do you get when you boil the essence of FPS games into its purest form? When you strip away CGI cut-scenes, an arsenal of weapons, perks and everything else we've come to expect from a modern FPS game?

The answer might well be Post Void

The new game from Y/CJ/Y Games is FPS action at its most pure. Your health is an idol held in your left hand, your weapon is in your right. Kill the bad guys until you are killed. Always keep moving. Always. Repeat. Rinse. 

There is no story, as far as I'm aware, but that's not a bad thing. The whole thing could be looked at as an exploration of rage and violence. 

The tutorial is almost as pure as the game itself: you are dropped in a forest of silver birch trees and are taught the controls. When you are done, the main menu appears. It's your choice whether to continue or not. 

This kind of game might not appeal to everyone. Its graphics are raw and to the point, but can also be quite funny and comic-like, depending on how you see it. I like the aesthetic, personally, and the surreal atmosphere is kind of cool. Someone on Instagram remarked how the game had a Hotline Miami look and I think's there's a definite influence on the graphical style (and gameplay). 

Almost equally raw is the music. It's a raging, thrashing guitar heavy soundtrack echoing the violence in the game, and I love it. It's quite catchy, too, and gets right under your skin. 

Who is the game for? That's a hard question to answer. I think FPS fans might enjoy its pureness, as would anyone who wants to try something primal and not afraid of showing other games its identity. be warned: it's extremely, extremely addictive and you will want to keep jumping in. 

Not only that but its minimum requirements are incredibly modest: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Intel Core i5-3210M (2 * 2500) or equivalent and Intel HD 4000 graphics. Laptop owners rejoice!

You can buy it on Steam for £1.56 until Thursday 13th August. Regular price after that will be £2.33/$2.99. 

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