Review: Fruit Clinic By Lion Studios

Video source: Lion Studios' YouTube channel

Tie Dye is no longer the number one free game on Google Play. All hail Fruit Clinic by Lion Studios. 

As with many hyper-casual games, the aim of the game is incredibly simple: help the sick and injured fruits and vegetables get better. You will have to perform operations, get rid of parasites, unwanted seeds and much more. 

Along the way, you can get new tools by watching video ads and upgrade your clinic with new equipment, furnishings and plants. 

Fruit Clinic has a charming art style which suits the game's tone incredibly well. Each one of the patients looks cute and the animations are simple but effective. 

The game is very easy to play. You'll be using different tools such as tweezers to remove or pop things as well as performing operations. Each action can be done by moving the tool or your finger in a certain way (such as to close stitches, for example). 

The major problem with Fruit Clinic are the ads. There are a lot in the game. At first, you might not notice them and might even watch a video ad to get a new tool to help you. Then they start to get more and more intrusive, to the point where you might end up watching an ad after completing an action. Some levels can get complicated with lots of different actions, so you might end up watching a lot of ads just to get through a level which is incredibly irritating. 

You can, of course, remove the ads for £2.69. 

Who is this for? Fruit Clinic is fun for someone who wants something to play for a few minutes here and there. I wouldn't recommend play for long sessions as the sheer amount of ads can be extremely annoying. 


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