Did Google steal OnePlus' thunder?

Video source: Dave2D/Dave Lee

Dave2D, one of my favourite tech YouTubers, was right! Google announced the new Pixel4a on Monday, the day before OnePlus released the OnePlus Nord. "What a baller move", my younger self might have said. And he would have been right, too. 

Dropping a great alternative to the Nord at a $350 price point is incredibly ballsy of Google and I love them for it. This is definitely one way to get attention and to get it in front of people who are in the market for a new phone (like me).

I've been an Android user for many years now and urgently need a replacement for my current smartphone. I was thinking of jumping ship to Apple and getting an iPhone SE, but I'm too invested in the Google ecosystem and love the freedom to do whatever I want with my device. 

I love Apple but am not keen on being kept behind their walled garden until visiting hours. 

The Pixel 4a is cheaper at £349 (the cheapest iPhone SE over here is £419), has a great 5.8" FHD+ OLED screen, fingerprint scanner, headphone jack, USB-C for charging, plenty of ram (6gb) and storage (128gb). The octa-core Snapdragon 730G should provide plenty of grunt for everyday use and the odd game as well. I'm sure the cameras are great were I interested in them. 

Yes, it's made of plastic and won't win any major design awards, but this spec is a steal at this price. 

Admittedly, I could think about the Nord as it's only £30 more for the base model and has more ram (8gb) and a 90 Hz display in addition to a fancy camera.

But I'm drawn to the new Pixel4a as it seems to have been designed for users like me - people looking for a no-frills device that will get the job done. 

As always, these are my thoughts and hope you've enjoyed them. Please share if you do. Thanks.

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