Review: Curvy Punch 3D by Voodoo


Have you ever played Arms on the Nintendo Switch and thought you needed it on your smartphone or tablet?

Someone did because that's pretty much what Curvy Punch 3D is, albeit without the charm and joy. This is the third bestselling free game on Google Play at the time of writing and is garnering plenty of interest from mobile gamers.

The game, like most of what Voodoo publishes, is fairly simple. You control a 3D stickman-like figure and swipe left, right and up to throw long punches at your opponent. Knock them into the water or deplete their health and the level is won. 

Every victory gives you coins which can be used to upgrade your strength, health and punch length. 

There are two major problems with the game. Firstly, it's too easy. And when I say easy, it's incredibly easy. So much so, that you can upgrade your strength and breeze through the levels without any problems. There are no real challenges or variety in gameplay. It gets a bit dull after a while.

The second problem are the ads. As a game developer, I appreciate the need to earn an income, but do they need to be this intrusive? You may end up seeing more ads than gameplay. There are a lot, so be warned.

To conclude - would I recommend this? If you are looking to play something for a few minutes and don't mind the ads, it's not a bad option. But be prepared for a lot of monotony. 

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