Review: Cloud Surfer (Great New Mobile Arcade Game)

Review: Cloud Surfer (Great New Mobile Arcade Game)


Video Source: S Tier Games' YouTube Channel

I've played a lot of mobile games and there are some which, in my opinion, deserve a much wider audience. One of these games is the wonderful Cloud Runner by S Tier Games, a developer I hadn't come across before. 

This is an endless runner featuring three adorable characters (Pinky, Bluu and Chubs) that have to escape from a large, menacing bug. You will see it appear from the left hand screen of the game as you play and it's your job to try and escape it. Tap to jump and try and get as far away as possible without dying. 

Along the way, you can pick up flowers which can unlock new characters (Chubs), locations (forest and hills), trails and power-ups such as a watering can. You can buy optional IAP packs of flowers if you don't feel like collecting them. Sharing the game with your friends can help you unlock Bluu, the Jungle level and the Blaze trail. 

The pixel graphics in the game are lovely, with charming backgrounds and character designs. I especially like the music, which is a great electronica soundtrack that is quite addictive. 

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet and are a fan of arcade games, try Cloud Runner. This is a fun endless runner worth playing.

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