Review: Brain Wash by SayGames

Review: Brain Wash by SayGames

Video source: Zainu Gamer

Brain Wash by SayGames is the hyper-casual equivalent of something like one of the Brain Training games. I'm not sure if this is a new trend, but I've seen a few these pop up on the app stores and they all follow the same style of gameplay: search/fill/fix/solve a random puzzle. 

Brain Wash is no different in this regard. The puzzles, all of which are designed in a friendly, modern and approachable style, involve you touching the screen to fix a puzzle, put something in the right order, solve something, move an object or draw something on a screen. These mechanics (and their variations) are used throughout Brain Wash's levels to challenge the player. 

There are two main issues I have with Brain Wash. Firstly, the game is incredibly easy. Seriously, the puzzles aren't that hard and anyone looking for a challenge should download something else. Secondly, there are the ads. I've written before about the intrusive nature of ads in hyper-casual games and Brain Wash is no different. The ads slowly creep up on you and before you know it, are inundated. 

This is currently the third bestselling free game on Google Play. Obviously, it must have some appeal. I think it would be okay for a few minutes during a break as it's very easy and you can blast through the levels quite quickly. If you can bear the ads, it's not a bad choice.


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