Is Apple developing its own game streaming service?


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One of the biggest news stories has been Apple banning game streaming services such as Project xCloud and Stadia from its app store, removing a huge number of potential users in the process. Microsoft's streaming service is set to be part of Game Pass Ultimate in September, offering subscribers 100 titles that can be streamed to a compatible device.

The reason, according to Business Insider, is because: "The reason, an Apple spokesperson said on Thursday, is because Apple isn't able to review each game that's available through Game Pass."

The article goes on to note that services such as Spotify and Netflix are allowed to operate because they are considered Reader or Cross-Platform apps, enabling users to enjoy music or movies from within the walls of their own device. Apple would also get a cut of any subscriptions purchased through the app, too, which would sweeten the deal.

Any streaming service would remove the level of control, losing Apple any potential IAP revenue. Banning game streaming services isn't about doing what's best for consumers, only what is best for Apple. 

Is Apple Developing A Rival Service?

Perhaps, though, there is another reason why game streaming services aren't going to be allowed: Apple is making their own.

Remember what happened when Spotify appeared? Apple made Apple Music to crush them. Netflix? Apple made Apple TV+. Gaming? Apple Arcade. The company vehemently dislikes competition and any competitor offering an alternative to any part of their ecosystem should be prepared for a fight.

There was talk of an Apple gaming streaming service, according to Retail Gazette: "According to Cheddar, Apple began talks with game developers surrounding a game streaming service in development in the last half of 2018." 

What happened to it? 

While we got Apple Arcade last year, it's entirely possible the game streaming service is still being worked on. It would not be much of a stretch for Apple to bundle in Apple Arcade and give potential subscribers a month free to lure them in. Existing relationships with some of the higher profile developers currently in Apple Arcade could lead to new exclusive AAA games for the service. 

Apple would make their new service exclusive to iOS and MacOS, perhaps installing by default on every new device or as an OS update, to ensure everyone got it, no matter if you asked for the service or not.

Another reason for creating a service might also lie with Apple Silicon. Porting Intel Mac games could a while and there might not be a Mac version of Steam at launch, giving users of the new ARM based Macs limited options to play their games. An Apple game streaming service would offer them an alternative to Steam. 

Could this happen? Maybe. I wouldn't put it past Tim Cook to look for a slice of the pie should Game Pass Ultimate get even more subscribers on Android. 

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