Review: HoverFlow - Endless Driver by PizzaJuggler


Video source: CactusMan on YouTube

HoverFlow is an Android game I've been meaning to review ever since I came across a post by the developer on Reddit and fell in love with it. 

You control a hovercraft who has to navigate a stream, picking up coins along the way and trying not to crash. There are different objectives to complete every level and they add to the challenge of the game. Things start off easy but can get tricky after a while playing, especially when you have to stop at a precise point (such as under a bridge) or collect an exact amount of coins. 

Speaking of coins, you can use them to choose different hovercraft, including craft as diverse as ghosts and monsters. 

The graphics have an attractive warmth to them and everything feels lovingly crafted. The music suits the game's style well ('Werk' by Kevin MacLeod) and the sound effects are charming. 

The game is a blast to play, so check it out here:

You can follow the dev on YouTube and Instagram.

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