Sorry, Linus, I don't think the new ARM MacBook will be $799

Video Source: Techlinked

Yes, I know Linus was just reporting on the ever circulating rumours that the new ARM MacBook MIGHT be $799. Not WILL be $799. We haven't heard anything from Apple yet, so it's always best to keep an open mind. 

The problem I have with Apple is that they have a very strange sense of what constitutes as value nowadays. And don't hate on me, either, I've been using Macs for decades. I've owned everything from a Classic, Plus and 2CX to an iMac and a MacBook Pro. I've gotten used to their stubborn attitude and no-compromises way of doing things. It's how they roll. 

While that may not be a bad thing for getting other companies to adopt new technologies and making them mainstream in the process (such as getting rid of floppy disk drives in the original iMac or their adoption of Thunderbolt 3), their behaviour lately has confused me somewhat. 

I was excited about the possibility of AMD-based Macs and what this could mean for the lower end of their range. A Ryzen based MacBook Pro 13" would have been superb (especially with Renoir). A refreshed Ryzen based MacBook could have been sublime. 

Not only that, but think of the possibilities in their desktops: a Threadripper based Mac Pro makes me drool quicker than Homer Simpson. 

I seem to be going round the garden path. 

Apple know how to extract the maximum value from a product or service wherever possible. I don't think this means lower pricing, only higher profits. Take the new iPhone SE, for example. This uses tech and design from other models mashed together for a 'value' design. In the UK, though, a 64GB model costs £419. I wonder how much lower the price could have gone? What are the margins?

This brings me to the ARM-based MacBook. Will the savings be passed onto the consumer? I have a nagging feeling that it won't. 

The MacBook Air starts from £999 in the UK, rising to £1299 for a faster model. What will happen to this if a cheaper MacBook is released? I can't imagine Apple would want a cheaper product to cannibalise sales of this line. 

The same goes for the iPad Pro. Would they want the ARM MacBook to cannibalise sales of this range, especially if it has better features (such as next gen USB) and longer battery life?

It will be extremely interesting to see how Apple pitches the ARM MacBook and to whom. Whether it will be affordable, too, remains to be seen.

As always, these are just my thoughts. 

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