Will July 23rd mark the success or failure of Microsoft's Xbox Series X?

After a disappointing May showcase for the Xbox Series X that handed Sony a clear advantage, Microsoft needs a win desperately to avoid a repeat of the current console generation. Anything less could potentially mean a radical rethink in long term strategy for its gaming division. Think exiting the market or becoming a third party publisher. The stakes, I believe, are that high.

To give Microsoft credit, the company has been doing some things right with the Xbox Series X. Backwards compatibility, smart delivery and the console's raw power should all help it in the head to head battle with the PlayStation 5.

What it needs to do is step up and the July 23rd event is the perfect opportunity to show fans and rivals alike the Xbox Series X actually means business.

This means showing off game after game. We need gameplay footage from Halo: Infinite, perhaps a new Fable (it's been too long), Forza, the rumored Perfect Dark remake/reboot, Psychonauts 2 and gameplay from third parties. 

While the cheaper console that's in the works won't be there (we have to wait until August for its reveal, which seems a little odd given PlayStation revealed a disc-less model (and presumably slightly cheaper) at its event), this could be the perfect time for Phil Spencer and co to drop a bomb when it comes to the Xbox Series X's price. Want the whole world to notice? Say $399 and walk off the stage.

Whatever happens, you are guaranteed surprises and perhaps a little excitement as we move towards the next generation of consoles. 

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