What next for Nintendo?

(Video source: TheGamer)

The next generation of consoles has been, so far, all about the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Both are locked in a race to try and outdo one another, closely watched by their respective fans. 

What about Nintendo, though? It seems unlikely there will be a Switch Pro coming this year (like the one in the video above), with the company still capitalising on demand for the Switch and Switch Lite, two consoles with plenty of life left in them.

The rest of year will be focused on games, with heavy hitters like Doom Eternal, Crysis: Remastered and Bravely Default II still to come. A new Paper Mario is out on July 17th and should hopefully do well.

Looking ahead, Nintendo needs to look to the future and think about the Switch Pro in order to avoid any Wii U mishaps. It has to play a part in the next generation of consoles to avoid getting lost behind.

Nintendo has done incredibly well to turn things around with the Switch. First party games will always have their attraction no matter the system, but Nintendo has gone the extra mile and helped attract a raft of third party games never seen before on a Nintendo system. Who would ever guess that we'd see Skyrim, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or even Doom (2016) on a Nintendo console?

It needs to go further with the Switch Pro and innovate like it's never done before to ensure gamers are still thinking about them. 

The technology for any hypothetical console might lie in three possible areas: 
  • Custom silicon: Nintendo could license Apple's new chips and modify them accordingly for the Switch Pro. They would offer plenty of grunt for a new system.
  • Cloud gaming: If Nintendo wanted to be completely radical, it could work with Microsoft on a cloud gaming service for third party next generation games.
  • 5G: This could be get interesting if Nintendo decided to adopt 5G and a cloud gaming service. You could access Nintendo first party and third party games anywhere you wanted. The company could partner with cellular/mobile phone companies to get their service bundled with your smartphone contract, for example. 

Any of these ideas would help offer a radical departure from their existing technology and ensure Nintendo are seen as strong innovators in both their fans and competitors' eyes. 

Alternatively, it is just as possible the company will only up the ante modestly. First party games such as Super Mario Odyssey, for example, have shown what can be done when you squeeze as much power as possible from the Tegra chipset. Whether any future revisions will be enough for the next generation remains to be seen.

What do you think? Should Nintendo stick with its current direction or do something radical next generation? What type of console would you like them to make?

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