Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a game we all need right now

(Video source: ustwo games)

One of the nicest surprises this week was the announcement of ustwo games' Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, a new game from the makers of Monument Valley, Monument Valley 2, Whale Trail and Assemble With Care

It looks adorable! The game's premise, according to TouchArcade, is about a girl called Alba who is "[...]visiting her grandparents on a Mediterranean island. Alba sees an animal in danger and decides to try and help." From the Spanish books in the trailer, I'm guessing this could be somewhere in the Balearic or Canary Islands (or somewhere even made up). 

It doesn't look like you'll be on this adventure on you're own as the trailer suggests you've teamed up with another girl to help save wildlife (most likely your friend Ines as mentioned in the Steam store page). This could indicate co-op is a possibility, with you pairing up with a friend to help explore and save endangered creatures. I'm also going to guess the camera seen in the trailer could play a big part in the game, possibly used to take pictures of animals you need to save, with the Fauna Mediterranea being your guide. The backpack will probably be used, of course, as a way to store your inventory. So far, so good.

The official website can be found here. It says the game is "Coming this winter
to iOS macOS and tvOS, PC and console." You can pre-order the game on Steam as well.  

I can't wait for the game to drop later this year. It looks like the perfect game to combat the malaise of the current global situation and should be a wonderful chilled out experience. 

More Games Like This Please

The current global situation has been extremely unsettling and video games have been a great way to forget our troubles. Sometimes it's nice to play something calming like Animal Crossing, Slime Rancher, A Short Hike or even My Time At Portia

Games like Doom Eternal are amazing for the adrenaline rush, but occasionally we just need to chill and forget the reality of what's happening outside our bubble. 

I'd like more calming games to help relax and let off steam, that would be lovely. 

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