Top Eleven Android FPS Games

11 great Android FPS games

There are some amazing mobile FPS games on Google Play that are ideal for some quick action on the go. You can use them with touch screen controls or plug in a controller. 

(Note: Every game is free apart from Modern Combat 3)

My Picks For The Top Eleven Android FPS Games

Call of Duty: Mobile

Video source: Ali-A on YouTube

No list would be complete without this FPS, so I decided to start it with this one. Call of Duty: Mobile is a great FPS offering players a wide variety of maps, a 100 player battle royale mode and ten tons of fun. There are lots of things to unlock in the game, including new skins, loadouts and classic characters from the franchise. 

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Launch trailer: Gameloft on YouTube

I have a soft spot for Gameloft's Modern Combat franchise. Before Call of Duty embraced smartphones, we had to make do with the next best thing: Modern Combat.

The single player campaign story-lines were silly but it more than made up for it with some great action. I especially love 3 with its over the top plot featuring a fictional invasion of the USA by a Pakistan, Russia and North Korea alliance. 

Neon Shadow

Video source: John Karsakov on YouTube

Neon Shadow was one first FPS games I played on Android and have been hooked ever since. 

The story is nothing amazing - you have to stop the bad guys on a space station - but the retro styled action is where it's at. It feels like Doom or Wolfenstein 3D and works well. You go around the levels destroying as many robots as you can before heading to the exit. There's the usual assortment of weapons you'd expect to find and the whole presentation is great. 

Dead Effect 

Original launch trailer for Dead Effect from BulkyPix's YouTube channel

Zombies in space. What's not to love about a concept like that?

Dead Effect is a great FPS. The story is OTT but there's a lot of fun mowing down zombies while using special powers. It's brilliant. 

Dead Trigger

Official trailer from Madfinger Games' YouTube Channel

Dead Trigger was one of first forays into mobile gaming and I still love it. I've always thought the first game was a bit better than the first but that's my personal opinion. 

The graphics are still good and there's nothing more fun than gunning down waves of zombies in bite sized levels. Rinse, repeat, live another day. 

Into The Dead 2

Official trailer from PikPok Games' YouTube channel

The original Into The Dead was an intriguing idea: what if you combined an endless runner with an FPS? 

It worked great and stood out from a lot of an ever-growing crowd of FPS games. The sequel took things further by adding a story, lots more weapons and environments. It feels incredibly expansive and I love it.

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is almost Destiny on mobile. It's a fun little sci-fi shooter that looks amazing and has a lot to unlock.

N.O.V.A Legacy

Launch trailer from Gameloft's YouTube channel

N.O.V.A Legacy is a remastered version of the first N.O.V.A game. This is Gameloft's take on Halo and isn't a bad effort. I loved the third game in the franchise and hope we get another. 

You play Kal Wardin, a typical sci-fi tough guy, who has to kill the bad guys with the aide of his AI sidekick. It's silly, fun and also has multiplayer action if you're interested. 

Blitz Brigade

Official trailer from Gameloft's YouTube channel

Blitz Brigade is a fun, cartoonish online multiplayer FPS that's worth playing if you're after a TF2 kick. It's been updated countless times over the years since it launched and is definitely worth jumping in for some exciting multiplayer action.

Gods of Boom

First release trailer from Gods of Boom's YouTube channel

Originally called Guns of Boom, Gods of Boom is a colorful multiplayer FPS focusing on quick matches. There's a good choice of weapons to pick up and everything feels polished. It can get quick intense at times but is accessible enough for even beginners to try. 

Dead Effect 2

Official trailer from Badfly Interactive's YouTube channel

Finally, we have Dead Effect 2. Similar to the first game in terms of story and visuals, but the action has been ramped up. You can slice through hordes of zombies with a samurai sword, for instance.

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