Thoughts from the My.Games Hypercasual Jam 2020

As I wrote before, I entered two game jams in late June. One of these was the My.Games Hyper-Casual Game Jam 2020. The prizes on offer for the winning teams were pretty amazing, including the chance to get your game actually published. It was quite tempting and attracted a lot of entrants (over 258). 

Unlike a lot of other game jams, this one was a bit different. There was no need to submit an actual game, just three short videos (around 15-30 seconds) of your game in action. The success would depend on how well your videos did. If they got 5% CTR (click through rate), you would be selected as a winner and get $2000 in addition to signing up with My. Games. They would also offer $50,000 for development and "a 60% net profit share once the game is globally published".


Today is results day. My game, Blue vs White, came 149th with a click through rate of 0.40%. This wasn't the greatest result, I'll admit, but it's okay considering I have only been developing for a couple of months. I am by no means an expert game developer and should get better the more I practise. 

The top games from the blurb are: "Only 5 projects exceeded the 5% threshold, with two of them achieving an impressive 14% and 12% CTR. The list of the best projects with a partnership offer from MY.GAMES is as follows:

Hot steaks"

You can read more here. The full results can be found in this spreadsheet

I haven't seen the winning videos so I don't know how they good they are. One of the criticisms of the game jam on Reddit was that focusing on videos would only lead to producing attractive videos to get clicks. One user wrote: "It's a trailer-jam for marketing people. What matters, in the end, is how marketable the trailer is, not how good is the game."

Was it worth it?

This was an interesting experience. It helped me challenge my own expectations and take me down a different road. I was initially interested in creating a 3D game in Buildbox but that didn't work out due to technical issues. Going back to the drawing board helped me come up with ideas in different places. 

You can download the prototype game, Blue vs White, on and play on PC here

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