Should you blog or vlog about your game?

Video above: Thomas Brush

One of my favorite game dev vloggers is Thomas Brush, creator of Pinstripe and Neversong. His YouTube videos are incredibly well put together and are brimming with passion. Much of what he talks about it is practical, too. Watching him and other game dev vloggers on YouTube got me thinking: is it better to vlog or blog about your game project?

While I think it's definitely up to the person as to what medium might suit them, I've listed some pros and cons of both in this blog post. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts in the comments.



  • Don't need to show your face on camera - great if you're introverted. 
  • You can create a wide variety of content in your blog.
  • A blog can be a useful tool to drive traffic to your Steam, console or mobile game listings.
  • You can make your own schedule.
  • Freedom to write about what interests you.
  • Numerous ways to create additional revenue, not just through your game. 
  • Low start up costs - you don't need a camera and additional equipment or software.


  • Takes time to write posts.
  • Writer's block can be a thing.
  • Building up traffic can take a while. 
  • SEO can be frustrating.



  • Great if you are outgoing and feel comfortable talking on camera.
  • You can build up a following by live streaming on YouTube and Twitch.
  • Opens the possibility of showing off your game as it's built.
  • The medium can feel more lively than writing blog posts. 
  • You can build a community on YouTube.
  • Range of content that can be created e.g. podcasts, tutorials, reaction videos. 


  • Equipment can be expensive.
  • Hiring an editor adds additional costs.
  • Not the best option if you're shy or introverted as mentioned before.
  • Takes time to build a following on YouTube and/or Twitch.
  • Learning and buying video editing software takes time and adds costs.
I hope this post has been helpful by giving you some reasons for the best route to choose. What do you think?

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