PC Game Review: Rage Among The Stars

Finding hidden gems on PC can be a long and difficult process, given the huge number of games available. Nuggets of gold are often overshadowed by the loud noise of AAA blockbusters, leaving some very worthy games out in the cold. That's a shame and I hope I can do something to help overcome this. 

Rage Among The Stars is a platformer for the PC is a game on Steam that deserves a much wider audience. It has the same level of difficulty as games such as Celeste and has been crafted with loving care by US-based Kata Games. 

Here's the official blurb: "Do you have what it takes to get back home? Rage Among The Stars is a rage-inducing, fast-paced platformer, featuring 40 levels, a ghost mode in order to race yourself and beat the levels at your best time! It also features an easy mode for those who want a more casual experience."

You play as an alien trying to get back home after a strange malfunction causes your ship to crash land on a world filled with danger. The game has a great pixel art style and every level has been crafted immaculately. Sophia Jinoridze, the game's Pixel artist, has done an amazing job.

There are a lot of traps in every level, though, and you will die a lot. Guaranteed. The developers have included an easy mode to make things a little easier, so don't be put off. 

I love the music in Rage Among The Stars, too. It's extremely addictive and suits the game to a T. Matt Genther has done an excellent job here. 

After finishing the game's 40 levels, you can also try a ghost mode to beat your times. It's a great way to keep you playing and should ensure a decent amount of longevity with the game. 

To conclude, this is a great platformer that every PC gamer looking for a challenge should pick up. 

Congrats to Matt and the team for releasing the game and I can't wait to see what they do in the future. 

Rage Among The Stars is out now on Steam priced at $3.99. You can follow the developer on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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Rage Among The Stars reviewed by Static Cat Games

Rage Among The Stars reviewed by Static Cat Games

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