One Wheel by TapMen Review: Mobile Game of the Year?

(gameplay footage: Albert Cox)

Long ago, a mobile game used to be thought of as something a bit lowly, and, perhaps, dare I say, not considered a 'real' game by console gamers? Terrible graphics, filled with ads, in-app purchases and using touch controls, playing a mobile game was often relegated to the domain of casual or newbie gamers who hadn't entered the holy chapel of consoledom. Seeing someone play a mobile game like Candy Crush on your commute might make you die a little inside. 

How times have changed for the humble mobile game. Thanks to leap after leap in power for smartphones and other devices, playing the once derided mobile game is now not only acceptable in the eyes of the console brethren, but can also match some PC and console titles for quality, imagination and gameplay. 

One such mobile game to achieve this feat is the wonderful One Wheel by TapMen. Their games have a long tradition of being fun with beautiful graphics. It's worth taking a look at their selection on Google Play and the Apple App Store to see if there's any you might have missed. They're all fantastic mobile games. 

Winner of the recent Buildbox game jamOne Wheel continues their tradition brilliantly. Its premise is incredibly straightforward: ride your unicycle from the start of the level to the end. It sounds easy enough, but there is always the risk of falling off. And fall off you will. 

What makes this mobile game special though? 

It is one of the most beautiful mobile games to come out in recent years. The colourful levels, set high above the clouds, are straight out of a Pixar film. I especially love the way the path unfolds in front of you. When you reach the end of each level, doves fly off. It's a lovely little touch and will make me remember this particular mobile game for a long time. You will experience random encounters on your journey, too, ranging from a UFO to an old fashioned biplane. Each one of these feels carefully designed to enhance the experience. 

Every character looks extremely charming, with a cast of characters to unlock (including a viking and a gorilla). They all have a unique death animation, should you fall off your unicycle, and those are all gorgeous to look at. You can unlock a range of different unicycles, too.

Accompanying this is a whimsical and addictive soundtrack that never threatens to overwhelm your earbuds at any point. It fits this particular mobile game to a T.

In-game currency (crystals) can be found throughout the levels. You use this to unlock different characters and unicycles, making the game your own. There is the option, of course, to buy currency packs, should you so wish. 

Is it worth playing this particular mobile game? 100%. This is an unforgettable and magical experience few games can match. It is one of the games of the year, in my eye, and deserves a place on your device. Download One Wheel today and enjoy the next great mobile game. This is a 10/10 game. 

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