One month since I started blogging: lessons learnt

blogging for a month

Today marks one month since I started blogging. I am not sure how this happened. I intended to use the blog to promote my games like Tappy Donut but seemed to have fallen into a cleverly designed trap: I actually enjoy writing about gaming. It's hard work (almost on par with game development) but I don't have any regrets about making the choice to stick with it for an entire month to see where it would actually go. 

I have written about things which I find curious (machine learning), games I've enjoyed (One Wheel, Momo Bounce, The Art Heist) and even more analytical pieces (nine things Buildbox should do to challenge Unity, for example). Research can be a slog and a pain sometimes, but it's fun to go under the skin to see what's out there. 

What lessons did I learn from blogging?


I think there are several things I learnt:

Improved Time Management

Blogging requires a fair amount of commitment from you. It takes time to research, draft and polish posts. If you're running a blog for a source of income, for example, you can also add time to ensure every post is SEO optimised. Balancing this with developing games and other commitments requires a lot of juggling to make things work. I've learnt to manage things better by thinking about posts ahead of time and writing in advance. 

Research Can Be Fun

Researching new topics can actually be fun to do. It can not only help with writing posts but game development. The skill learnt can help you understand new ways of creating games, think about new content to include (an example would be if you're researching new flora or fauna for your game) and help research information to benefit your existing games (perhaps by writing a marketing strategy that includes information from relevant sources). 

Start Small

Starting small isn't a bad thing when it comes to blogging. You will make a few mistakes as you go along the way but it will be worth it. I wouldn't worry too much about getting traffic at this point if you're just doing it for yourself or are starting to promote your game. Ranking for keywords takes time, after all. Building a following for the blog takes time, 

Follow Your Passion

This sounds cliched but never be afraid to follow your passion for a particular blog topic. If you are interested in augmented reality, go for it. If there is something you've always wanted to write about, don't be afraid to write about it. There is nothing wrong with posting about an area of interest. If your passion will shine through the content, even more reason to write it.

Take Chances

Blogging can help you take chances. Game development can be quite daunting and lonely at times and sometimes it's good to take a chance and tell others about your experiences. This happened to me when I entered game jams. I did them, had some fun and wrote about the experience afterwards. Writing about them helped ease my nerves about doing them in future and was quite soothing in a way. If writing helps you take more chances with your games, go for it. 


Blogging has been a fruitful and engaging experience for the first month I've spent doing it. My plans for the future are to do something a little bit different - I'm going to start separate sites for my writing while ploughing ahead with my games. 

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