Top 10 Games From The Xbox Showcase

Microsoft pulled a showstopping showcase yesterday with some great games heading to Xbox and PC. This was a million times better than May's somewhat disappointing outing and should convince more than a few gamers to think about getting their pre-orders in for the Xbox Series X. There is a rumoured State of Play to come from Sony (perhaps next month?) and it will be interesting to see how Sony responds.

We still don't the price of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, nor do we know the release date. The rumoured Xbox Series S/Project Lockhart hasn't turned up yet, either. 

Things are going to get hot! 🔥🔥🔥

Enough of that, here are my favorite games from the showcase (not in any particular order). 

1) Halo Infinite

I've been a fan of Halo since Halo: Combat Evolved on the original Xbox and this looked amazing. It reminded me of the original game in some ways but with enough tweaks to make it it's own thing. I can't wait to jump in when it launches.

2) Avowed

We only got a trailer, but a new first person RPG from Obsidian Entertainment? Sign me up! I expect, though, this might be a little while away. 

3) Fable

A new Fable is in the works from Playground Games. We've waited too long. Please don't cancel it, Microsoft, or make it an MMO. 

A great single player campaign is all I want. And dogs. Give me lots of dogs. 

4) Forza Motorsport

An amazing trailer for something that could be a system seller. This should show off what the new console can do in spades. Bring it on.

5) Senua 's Saga: Hellblade II

When can I play this? Don't be a tease, Microsoft.

6) The Outer Worlds DLC

I loved The Outer Worlds when it came out and Peril on Gorgon will be very welcome when it hits on September 9th. The trailer looked very funny with the game's trademark humor and action being at the front and center. Great stuff. 

More please, Obsidian. 

7) Psychonauts 2

The first game was a classic so there's a lot riding on the sequel. Thankfully, this looks great and should be amazing when it drops. 

8) Everwild

The new game from Rare looks beautiful but I don't understand what kind of game this is. MMO? Adventure? Who knows. I expect more will be revealed at some point later on. 

9) The Gunk

The new game from Image & Form, makers of SteamWorld Heist and SteamWorld Quest, looks like a fun sci-fi adventure-cum-platformer. 

10) CrossfireX

A new FPS from Remedy and Smilegate? Sign me up. I'm a big fan of everything Remedy does and this looks great. 

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