Flappy Soup, my new PC game, ranked in the 'So Bad It's Good' Jam 2020

I can't quite believe it. A PC game I made actually placed in a game jam. It. Placed. Part of me wanted to jump in the air and squeal, the other part of me wanted to accept reality and carry on the day. 

The PC game in question is Flappy Soup, a game that was quickly put together for the 'So Bad It's Good' Jam 2020 on itch.io. As I wrote in a previous post, this was one of my first two game jams I entered. Both proved to be good learning experiences and I recommend entering a game jam if you want to understand game development a bit more. 

Anyhow, staying on topic, the PC game came 47th out of 73. Not the worst result, and it wasn't by any means great, but it was a lot better than I expected. I wasn't even sure whether anyone would even play the thing. I mean, a game about flying soup, come on!. The silliness was compounded further by the addition of baguettes that you had to avoid. Then there was toast. Pieces of toast shaped like shark teeth and twice as deadly. I'm not exactly sure where I was going with the toast but they added...something.

What other entrants said about my submission was nice. Some liked it, one was a little curt and another was unsure whether it's level of 'polish' was right for the jam. You can read them all here. Some of the entrants liked the music, which was kind, too. 

If you are intrigued by this odd Flappy Bird clone featuring a flying bowl of soup (with an egg inside it), you can download it from itch.io: https://staticcatgames.itch.io/flappy-soup

I made a tongue-in-cheek video with some gameplay footage and posted it on YouTube. Hope everyone likes it. 

The game is currently only a PC game thanks to the restrictions in the free version of Buildbox 2.3.9, the software I used to make it. I will bring it to Android in the future - not to make mobile gamers suffer but out of curiosity. I wonder what they will make of the game; will they hate it? love it? think of it as a surrealist masterpiece? Who knows. 

Thanks, as always, for reading. 

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