Far Cry 6 and the challenge of boredom

Far Cry 6 is real. Rejoice because the leaks and rumors that surrounded its existence are now confirmed and it will be shown off on Sunday at the Ubisoft Forward event. 

Here's what the plot will be, according to an article by Gamespot: "Far Cry 6 will take place in Yara, which is described as a tropical paradise in need of restoration to its former glory. Its ruthless dictator, Anton Castillo, and his son Diego are on a path to achieving that through any means necessary, igniting a revolution in the region."

Loosely based on Cuba, you play as a freedom fighter called Dani Rojas who must fight the regime (led by a dictator played by Giancarlo Esposito), aided by an arsenal of weapons, your Amigos (Far Cry 6's Fangs For Hire) and a range of vehicles. Reports in the gaming media suggests there will be a range of different environments, including cities and the jungle. This all sounds like the Far Cry we know and love.

The problem of boredom

I expect the graphics in the new game will be powered by a new engine (possibly a version of the Snowdrop Engine used for The Division 2), not the tired old Dunia engine which has been used for countless games. Jungle foliage will look beautiful with ultra realistic raindrops falling down as you wander through after a heavy downpour. There will be gorgeous ray-tracing sunsets seen in 4K on the PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X. Character animations will be straight out of a blockbuster. 

But still the problem will remain: boredom. Not just in a small way but in a massive way.

Now, look, I've been a fan of the franchise since Far Cry. I've played through all the games on PC and even some on the Xbox. I think they're great. I love the environments, the sense of immersion, the sandbox style of gameplay and how much fun you can have. 

But the games need a shake up! We've done the same thing over and over since Far Cry 3
  • Take over enemy bases
  • Find an aerial tower to expand the map
  • Team up with native allies to overthrow the enemy
  • Disrupt enemy supplies
  • Rescue allies
The names for these things might change a little across the games, but we're doing the same thing over and over. I hope Ubisoft can look to games like Far Cry Primal for how to do things a little bit differently and not continue with the RPG-lite in Far Cry: New Dawn. While that game was fun in parts (especially weapons such as the Saw Launcher), I'm not sure the RPG formula suits the franchise. 

A Smaller Map?

Perhaps the solution could be a smaller map than a large one where you're doing the same thing over and over. Metro Exodus had the right idea - each area was manageable, with enough freedom to do things your way while not being swamped with too many dull ideas or repetitive tasks. 

A Chance To Innovate

Far Cry 6 could be the chance for the team to innovate and reinvent the franchise. One way could be branching storylines - pick a faction and certain quests are opened up but not all of them. This would make every game different. 

Or Ubisoft could make the initial map small and make the surrounding areas missions you could go to from your hub (like the expeditions in Far Cry: New Dawn). 

There are lots of possibilities to experiment and try something fresh. It would be a shame if Far Cry 6 was a rehash of previous games in a new environment. 

DLCs, too, could be a great opportunity to go wild. I would love a sequel to Blood Dragon for a DLC or a quick trip to a different time period. Maybe ancient Rome? The far future? Why not go wild and do something unexpected?

But, please, let Hurk retire

Far Cry 6 Is Here

Here's the official trailer, showing off the game's villain and his son. What about gameplay? It looks like things might end up being fairly similar to the franchise's traditional style, with some new additions to mix things up. You'll be able to ride horses, for instance, and your character will speak this time)

Check this video out for some tasty gameplay nuggets:

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