Do we need an Uncharted movie?

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One of the more curious news that emerged from the world of entertainment this week was the news that the Uncharted movie might actually start to film. Tom Holland, the main star, plays a young Nathan Drake, tweeted a picture from his Instagram of a chair labelled Nate captioned 'Day one'. 

Do we actually need or want an Uncharted movie?

Short answer: no. The games are iconic and it's never a wise idea to mess about with a franchise that is close to so many gamers' hearts. Cashing in to make a movie that no-one asked for is playing with fire and I am unsure how well reception for the movie will be once it's finished and emerges in the light of day.

Troubled history: Is the Uncharted movie doomed to fail?

There are two further issues I see with this project. The first is that few video game adaptions have succeeded both critically and financially. The best ones have only appeared relatively recently - Detective Pikachu and Sonic The Hedgehog

These are family friendly movies that managed to attract a wide general audience. Anyone from a dedicated fan to someone new to the franchise could sit down and enjoy them. 

The problem lies when a game like Doom becomes adapted. The games are iconic and a part of gaming history. There is a large and dedicated following who is very vocal and love them dearly. Any director trying his or her hand at adapting the source material would have to be very careful not to upset the fan base while trying to make a film that appeals to a wider audience outside of the games. And look what happened: a disappointing film in 2005 and another terrible attempt in 2019 with Doom: Annihilation.

Here's another example: Assassin's Creed. Surely you can't go wrong with Michael Fassbender and renowned director Justin Kurzel attached to the project? Nope, not going to happen. The movie wasn't bad but failed to set audiences alight with the dull story and terrible script. It did okay at the box office but the tepid reception and less than stellar return probably means there won't be a sequel anytime soon.  

The Uncharted movie needs to break this curse. It has to attract a wider audience to succeed, while still remaining true to its roots. Holland playing a young Nathan Drake is already a pretty dicey concept and I'm not sure how many fans are going to turn up to see it. I expect many wanted Nathan Fillion to star in a big screen adaption (that actually could have been awesome). 

The second major issue is that the movie has a long and troubled history which doesn't bode well. It has gone through numerous directors (Ruben Fleischer is number seven) and changes ever since it was announced in 2009. IGN has a great article about its history that makes for fascinating reading. Whether the new team can make a great movie remains to be seen. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now but we'll see.

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