Check out my page for freebies galore

free stuff from Static Cat Games

Please don't forget to check out my page for lots of freebies.

You can find it here:

What have I given away?

  • Macarons
  • Abstract cubes
  • Impossible hexagons
  • A pack of fast food vector designs
  • Leaderboard icons for mobile games
  • Impossible circles

What can I use them for?

Anything you like! They're free for personal or commercial projects. No donations are needed but all are gratefully appreciated.

Some examples:
  • As a logo
  • Puzzle games
  • Abstract games
  • Food games

All the SVG sheets are included with every pack, so you are free to modify them however much you want. 

What about games?

You can find the following games on my page:
  • Tappy Donut
  • Flappy Soup
  • Burger Dunk (demo)
I have more to come, so please bookmark the page and visit it from time to time.

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