5 YouTube Channels To Help You Make Great Games With Buildbox

YouTube can be an excellent place to find great tutorials. Here are five great YouTube channels to help you make the most out of Buildbox:

The official Buildbox channel is a great place to find tutorials to help you make the most out of the software. They often have livestreams where you can ask questions and have given away lots of templates in the past to use in your projects. 

This is an especially great video if you're starting out and want to learn more about 3D games, for example:

This is a great channel with lots of tutorials. Smart Penguins is always pushing the boundaries of what the software is capable of and you should be able to lots of great stuff from watching their videos.

This video was especially helpful when I was starting out:

Al is a mobile game developer and enthusiast. You can find lots of gameplay videos on his channel, along with useful Buildbox tutorials. He has a great style and is extremely enthusiastic.

This is one of my favourites:

This is a great channel with a lot of Buildbox tutorials. You can learn everything from understanding different nodes to building a platform game. Everything is clearly described and it's a great resource for making the most out of the software.

This video, for example, can help you understand how colour change mechanics work:

Finally, take a look at 21 Boxes' channel. This is a great resource with some useful tutorials to help take your Buildbox games even further.

This is a great video, for example, to add a light effect to your game:

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