Celebrating Strangeness

I recently came across a game on the Buildbox Discord server called DuckDuckGo (see screenshots taken above). It had cute graphics and a simple, unassuming style. I downloaded it from Google Play and loved playing the game. It was so strange, almost like something PewDiePie might talk about in one of his videos. I didn't have a clue what on earth was going on - you had to move a duck and avoid obstacles, I guess? Instructions weren't clear as English wasn't the developer's first language (it was developed by someone in Turkey as far as I know). This strangeness added to the appeal - it was unlike anything I had played before and I was hooked. 

I especially liked the death sounds and animation:

The game, unfortunately, is gone from Google Play. I suspect this has to do with it having the same name as DuckDuckGo, the search engine, and the need to avoid any potential lawsuits. I hope it does pop up again as it makes a valid point: we need more unique (and odd) games. 

While it makes sense for a developer to chase the market to get downloads and develop an audience, the downside to this is that games become the same after a while. We end up with a million hyper casual games on Google Play, yet another match three or competitive shooter. Indie games have helped to alleviate this in some ways but I hope more developers will take more risks, especially from the bigger names.

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